Financial Advisory

Our professional services and valuation teams are headed by certificated appraisers each of whom with more than 10 years valuation experience in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and other Asian regions.

The management of our services team is reinforced by our seasoned senior managers or managers who are either certificated appraisers or experienced appraisers having at least 10 years’ professional valuation experience.

We are proud to stake our claim that we are strong with extensive valuation experience in coverage of different types of evaluation in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

In Taiwan, our professional valuation team have been growing steadily with over 20 appraisers, and more than six of which are registered real estate or asset appraisers.

In each year, we produced over 12,000 valuation reports and letters to banks, developers, investment community and listing companies. Our professionalism and expertise in valuation are highly respected among all end users and stakeholders.

So whether it’s an initial public offering, capital raising, accounting legislation, financial reporting or transaction, you are assured the skill and reputation of a seasoned professional.




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